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earthquakey [Jan. 8th, 2009|08:21 pm]
ah my first earthquake (that i didn't sleep through).

mostly it was just strange. i was sitting at the kitchen table eating and then was like... wtf, why is it shaking from under me. after it stopped i ran under the coffee table, thinking that i didn't know what after shocks might occur. then a few seconds later i crawled out, lol. very bizarre feeling. also glad emily is coming home today. it was very mild what i felt, but still... strange. made me happy i finally have some emergency food and water, just in case.
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(no subject) [Nov. 11th, 2008|12:04 am]
I want to be a good graphic designer. One who's designs makes people react, whether they are amused, intrigued, or inspired, I'd like to be able to create design that makes people feel things.

I'd like to be an artist that really and truly has something to say, that the world needs to hear. I'd like to be a good artist, too. I'd like to be a respected artist, and while at this point I'm not striving to "make it large" in the art world- I wouldn't really mind it either, as hopefully then that would equate to me being a respected artist that has a say... though I understand the reverse is not necessarily true (I don't NEED to make it big to have a say and be respected).
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prop 8 [Nov. 9th, 2008|11:12 am]
went to an anti-proposition 8 rally last night to give my support to the LGBT community of Los Angeles. I was in shock that it even passed. But here we are, and it passed, and now people have to fight for their rights to be equal citizens. It's sickening. The news stations are reporting that there were apparently 10 thousand people at this rally/march which is awesome.
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GDB [Oct. 21st, 2008|12:50 am]
Saw Gabe Dixon Band for the 2.3333rd time (since 1 of the 3 times it was just Gabe solo) tonight. They're so good! AH! I love them!
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signs i know i'm still (half) unemployed [Oct. 17th, 2008|02:22 pm]
-i'm in my pjs the majority of the day
-i eat ramen... A LOT
-i scour the internet all day for more jobs to apply for
-i watch bizarre tv all day, not just because it's daytime tv, but because we only have basic channels. which includes 30 channels, but half of them are in spanish.
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onwards and upwards [Jun. 4th, 2008|05:40 pm]
Well I'm at my long lost friend becka's house now. Maybe not really long and lost cuz we've kept good touch, but I hadn't seen her in 4 years... so... yowzer! lol. Anyways, life is good, I'm glad I'm in a new location because I think it helped me stop being so silly and emotional. I was getting rather downers the past day or 2 that I was leaving all my friends and LA and my really nice new apt, but now that I'm gone, I once again feel good about my decision and now I know I'm gonna have a great summer and make some money and go back and be able to pay for the nice apt and pay for going out with friends... at least for a couple weeks. I'm hoping to line up a job for myself when I get back while I'm at camp, otherwise I'll have to kick myself into high gear when I get home, which won't be fun.

anywhos, i'm gonna go now. becka's done packing for now. i'll see how posting goes with this throughout the summer.
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graduation [May. 19th, 2008|11:34 pm]
well, graduation has come and gone.  I have so many thoughts on this and I'm rather showing mostly none of them.  Last year I was freaking out way more than I am right now about graduating.  Yes, I understand things are going to change, and I'm very sad that I won't be in the same sort of easy access to my friends sort of atmosphere, but I'm very excited for what's to come.

Graduation itself was fairly uneventful.  The main ceremony was hot as hell, and wearing our black robes and being in direct sunlight didn't help anything.  I enjoy that USC has their graduation outside and basically converts all of campus into a large auditorium.  It's nice that everyone can attend if they choose.  My favorite part was probably when the band played Tusk at the end.  Who doesn't love a round of "UCLA Suck!" at graduation?  Also, my brother bought me a beautiful cardinal and gold lei which very nicely dressed up my gown.  Very sweet of him.

The fine arts ceremony was hot as hell as well, but slightly better because we were in a shaded tent, and they had provided all the graduates with water.  It was a really long ceremony because they said something specific about each graduate as they walked onto the stage, which was cool to make it more personal, but it also made it talk a really long time.  The things they said about each graduate were also kinda obscure cuz they just picked and choosed from our resumes, so they read things about me that were like 5 years old, but hey, no one besides my family knows that, so I guess they still sounded impressive.

While it was stressful hanging out with family some of the time, it was definitely great seeing them and hanging out with them and aside from that they were massively helpful both physically and financially with setting up my new apt.

So i'm in my new apt, life is lovely. i'll write more about it and life in general later.
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(no subject) [Apr. 30th, 2008|10:29 pm]
There are few things in my life right now that I would change, and the thing that's most nagging at me right now I can't talk about publicly, much less at all, so except for a minute here and there every now and then throughout the day I've been blocking it out of my thoughts, which aside from thinking really hopeful thoughts seems to be the best that I can do for this situation.  If I could be more proactive, I would.

Coachella was amazing.  I guess I'll do a full on recap.

The day started with Man Man.  Actually, I guess the day started long before that.  We had planned on going down Friday night and camping so we wouldn't have to deal with driving in the morning, but we all decided (cept for poor Laura who would've still rather gone down with us that night) that we had too much work and could really utilize Friday night to get shit done.  So we woke up early-ish Saturday morning and headed out to Indio.  Had some stupid parking confusion, and met some assholes along the way who were entirely unhelpful to helping us figure out where we needed to park for overnight camping.  Got into the camping area, set up our stuff, and THEN we went to Man Man.

Man Man was cool.  A good way to start.  We actually grabbed some food and sat in the back while the previous band finished and then we moved our way up a little more.  They were definitely a fun, funky, very different sounding band, so that was cool.

In the tiny amount that we had between sets we went and checked out the electronica at the sahara tent.  not really my thing at all... maybe if were on e... which i don't do, so ya.

Headed back to the mojave for MGMT.  I was pretty excited to see them, and they were fun and good and enjoyable in concert, but I really wish they had more energetic songs.  Their 3-4 upbeat ones were much more enjoyable than any of the others.  The slow songs just get tiring to stand there and hear.

I'm not sure what we did between MGMT and Kate Nash... I guess just went and bought more water and then staked out a place inside the tent.  Kate Nash was cool too.  She also didn't disappoint, but like MGMT, I wish more of her songs were upbeat and danceable.

Then we had a whopping 25min in between bands we wanted to see (i feel like peeps often might have more of a lull than that, but there was always a band playing we wanted to see), so we headed for the beer garden.  Grabbed me a beer and ran into my friend Julia who was bar tending, that was crazy.

Headed to Hot Chip.  They were cool.  Too packed to get inside the tent, so we had to dance about outside in the blazing hot sun.  But we only stayed for like 2-3 songs so we could head over and see Death Cab.  They were good.  Pretty chill.  I only went to see them cuz Laura and Em wanted to.  I wish Postal Service were still kickin, cuz I like them a lot better than Death Cab.

From there we headed over to Rilo Kiley.  All three of us had seen them before earlier this year, but I was so so sooo happy to see them again.  Especially this time since I actually knew all their stuff from their new album which I didn't know before.  They were one of my faves out Coachella, but I think I enjoyed them more where we first saw them, just because it was a smaller venue.  But still... amazing.

After that we moved into the massively packed tent of M.I.A. We met up with Andrew, so he was ballsy enough to scooch us closer into the middle.  I was pretty disappointed in M.I.A.  I only really like maybe 3-4 of her songs anyways, because the rest are just grating on the ears, but she even disappointed me with the songs that I liked.  First of all, she's fuckin nuts.  She invited people on stage, and since there were so many people up there security turned the lights on.  So she yelled for like 20min for them to turn the lights off.  And her d.j. was bad too.  Only a couple of her cd songs actually have gun shot sounds on them, but he played them non stop, through every song and in between too.  and sirens too he overused massively.  they loose their power when you play them that much and just get fuckin obnoxious.  the highlight of that set, by far, was that we stood RIGHT NEXT to David Denman (Roy, from The Office).  So cool!!

After M.I.A. we were famished, so we headed to the food section.  Most of us got jumbalaya, which was A-MAZING!! and only $5 since it was the end of the night and they wanted to get rid of it.  Went and chilled out to Portishead for a bit. I was pretty tired and pretty content just laying out on the grass and listening to them.  Emily reminded me about Flogging Molly, which I was initially excited about seeing them, but I didn't want to pull people away from Portishead if they were enjoying it, but I figured, what the hell, if Emily wants to, I'm down to go see them.

And holy fuckin shit!!! Flogging Molly COMPLETELY made my night.  We got there and there were 3 guys in front of us amazingly into it and skankin around and shit and em and i were bobbin and dancing a bit, but then things really picked up.  they started playing the most amazing dancing music ever.  Got so into it and danced so hard and they completely revitalized me.  Not only were they my favorite at Coachella, but they are definitely up there with favorite bands I've seen in concert.  GAH! So good!

and THEN, for the man himself, PRINCE! OK, I'll admit, I'm not the biggest Prince fan.  I like a handful of his songs, but they also get played way too much on the radio, so I get sick of him.  He put on a pretty kick ass show though.  I definitely respect him now.  He played some kinda mellow/boring stuff, which I just chilled out sitting for, but he definitely played his singles as if he hadn't played them a million times already.  He didn't play raspberry beret, but he ended on Let's Go Crazy, which is probably his best single ever and was sooo much fun to go crazy to.

Left the concert site and into the campgrounds.  Got some funnel cake before bed.  And then the 3 of us crammed into a 1-2 person tent.  Very very tight squeeze.  Woke up at 4am-ish to the other camp ground's drum circle.  And then woke up again at 6:45-ish to poor Em being sick (food poisoning?) and needing to leave.

All in all... very amazing and very worth the money.  I'd love to go again if I can afford it.  I think one day was plenty for me.  I don't know how people have the stamina for more than 1.  I think maybe I could do that if I had a real bed to sleep in at night, or at least an air mattress so I could get some decent sleep.  I can see how a hotel room would provide a nice opportunity to get a good night's sleep, but I also here that it can take like 1-2 hours to leave the parking lot.  That would blow.

Oh ya, and the heat wasn't that bad.  Granted I just wore my bathing suit top all day, but it could've been a lot worse.  I think in years past it's been closer to 115, and this year it was around 100.  So being in the shaded tents most of the sunlight hours, drinking tons and tons of water, and keeping sunscreened all day made it pretty tolerable.  Everyone was sweatin together, so then it's all gravy. 

And the cherry on the ice cream this week... I won 3rd place in the Lewis Carrol Wonderland Awards today with my Irrationali-tea Party!! YAY!!
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delayed race results... and then some [Mar. 16th, 2008|06:44 pm]
Well, it seems like a bajillion years ago that I did the LA 5k, but I still wanted to write about it.

It started one cheerful (haha) morning at 5:50am.  That was about the time emily and i had set our alarms for.  and right then, we hear very large continuous bangs coming from outside.  Neither of us could see what was going on outside the window, so I finally get out of bed and look towards the coliseum and lo and behold there were many gorgeous beautiful fireworks shooting off.  what an amazing way to wake up.  finally figured out that the LA Bike tour started at 5:50 from right there, so that's what those were for.

Anyways, nick and scott came and met me and em at our apt and we walked over to expo park where the starting line was.  all pumped and ready to go we took off.  i slowed down to be a little behind my friends.  i don't really like the pressure of having to keep up with people who i know are probably faster than me, but at the very least have longer strides than me, so i just set myself behind them so i can pace myself however i want. 

i did really well!  finished faster than i did on the first race!  I ran it in 33:23.  I'm not really sure how... since I think I was more out of shape.  I kinda think this race was flatter than the first one we did.  The route itself was pretty interesting... in that we were running through south central LA neighborhoods.  Under freeways, and next to little tiny houses that had horses in their front yards.  YUP!! A HORSE! In the middle of the city.  In someone's tiny yard.  No clue what was up with that.  And I totally woulda missed seeing it (just like all my friends did) except that I saw some guy off to the side taking a pic of something down the side street, and i looked... and... horsey! wtf.

brit met us at the end of the race which was really sweet of her.  man, i really love these 5k things.  just a fun group of people all excited and out doing something physical for their bodies.  live music, yummy healthy food being given away.  it just releases like a bajillion endorphins.  I think I'm signing up for another race the beginning of April, which is good cuz its definitely motivating me to keep running.  Having that as a goal to stay fit really helps.  I mean, I'm in it for the long term health benefits, but sometimes you just need a shorter term goal.


Question of the Day/Year/My life:

Is it actually possible to casually date someone without it turning into a relationship or just completely ending?

I really hope the answer is yes, but I'm just not too sure. 
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LA 5k! [Feb. 24th, 2008|11:40 pm]
Time for the LA marathon! JUST KIDDING.  Time for the 5k that's attached to the LA marathon, more like it!

There are signs everywhere advertising the LA marathon and the LA bike tour this weekend.  Definitely not doing either one.  But the design they've been using for the ads is amazing.  So much so that I went online to see if I could find who the designer was.  I did find out who it was, and I also discovered that there is a 5k associated with the marathon.  Had I been thinking clearly enough, I would've realized that when I was little my family did a couple 5ks associated with the Duke City Marathon.  But what actually sealed the deal on signing up for it was that the starting point for the 5k is RIGHT NEXT TO USC!!! Good god. don't even have to drive there.  what could be more perfect?  And kinda cool to say you ran the 5k in the LA marathon.

So while I wish I had found out about the 5k a little earlier in order to re-motivate me to run again (i keep putting it off, esp with the "excuse" that i do yoga twice a week now), so it's not like i've completely given up physical activity, better late than never right?  It got me off my ass again to go running this afternoon.  And to really keep it up this week, and it'll probably maintain itself for a week or so after the run too. And you know what... it felt damn good to run again.  It really really felt really really good.  I ran just about 2 miles, so I'm hoping to run 4mi sometime during the week to prove to myself that I can again.  And then from there, esp cuz I have been lagging on my running, I've decided to have the same goal as I had for the last 5k.  That is, to just run it in full without walking at all.  I'm actually thinking if I'm not in shape enough, I will be ok with myself if I do walk some of it, but I'd really like to shoot for all running. It'd be cool if I beat my previous time (34:55), but I'm not going to get my hopes up for it, stating again that I've been bad at keeping up running.

But ya!  I'm totally pumped all over again!!!  And not so secretly, I'm hoping the tshirts that we get are in the style of the banners and billboards that have been around town.  But i'll try to not get my hopes up in case it just looks like a regular race shirt.
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